Redeeming Your R$

So now that you have all these Reward Dollars, you’re ready to redeem them. How do you plan to spend your Reward Dollars? Here we’ll tell you how to get the coolest products, gift cards, and other prizes to redeem at RewardIt! To start, go to the “Redeem” tab then “RewardIt Store.” At the RewardIt Store, you can choose from hundreds of products!

The first category is gift cards. In the gift card section, we have tons of different stores that you can choose from! Love Amazon? Why not redeem your Reward Dollars for a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card? We also have gift cards for different places, like TGI Fridays and Chili’s! Some other places we Redeemhave are: Lowe’s, Sears, CVS, Walmart, and Land’s End. Not only can you choose from so many companies, depending upon your Reward Dollars, you can get gift cards bigger than $5.00! At RewardIt, we have gift cards that you can purchase with your Reward Dollars up to $500!

Another section that we have in this section is the Amazon.com section. In this section, it’s split into three subsections: Electronics & Computers, Music, Movies, & Games, and Toys, Kids, & Baby. The Electronics & Computers section have brand-new products like the iPad, Kindle Fire, MacBook, or an Xbox 360! This is a great section if you love new technology and gadgets. In the Music, Movies & Games sub-section, we have various DVDs from popular hit TV shows like Game of Thrones and Glee. This section is for you if you’re a movie buff or an avid TV Show watcher. The final sub-section in this section is the Toys, Kids & Baby section. In this sub-section, we have some fun items for child to play with, like finger-paints or modeling clay. This final section is great if you’re a parent looking for some new activities for your kids!

RewardIt Direct is the third section that we have where you can choose from tons of stickers for you, a friend, or your kids! There are so many different kinds of stickers, from Disney Princesses, Marvel’s Avengers, Thomas the Train and Favorite Animals just to name a few. These stickers are fun to use and each sticker is 2.5” x 2.5” in size.

The Virtual Items section has two items: the Golden Goose and the RewardIt Money Tree. After the Golden Goose or the RewardIt Money Tree is purchased, they’re stored under “My Items” under the “My Stuff” tab. The Golden Goose’s eggs and the Money Tree Leaves need to be harvested every 12 hours in order for you to earn Reward Dollars! These Virtual Items are a fun way to earn more Reward Dollars to help you redeem items in our RewardIt Store.

The last and final section of the RewardIt Store is Virtual Tattoos. These virtual tattoos can be shared among your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to show them the cool tattoos that you purchased from the RewardIt Store! We have so many categories to choose from, there’s something here for everyone! The categories for the web tattoos are: Animals, Fantasy, Flowers, Fashion, href="http://www.rewardit.com/store/tattoos/cid/1011">Games of Chance, Hearts, Insects, href="http://www.rewardit.com/store/tattoos/cid/1014">Man’s Ruin, Moon, Skulls, Symbols, and Zodiac. With these virtual tattoos, you’re able to express yourself! You can even put it on your social media profile if you want!

Redeeming your Reward Dollars from the RewardIt Store isn’t the only way you can redeem rewards. RewardIt also holds raffles that you can enter using your Reward Dollars! In the “Prize Raffles” section, you’re able to view the raffles that RewardIt’s currently holding, which right now are gift cards to various stores. The more entries that you have in the raffle, the more likely you’ll win! The “Reward$ Raffles” section is another section where you can enter to win raffles that contain great prizes! The “Raffle Status” section has your history of raffles that you’ve entered in. In the Raffle History Box, there are certain categories like the Entry Date, Description, Entries, Status, and Entry Cost. You can view your raffle history by month, and the Raffle History Box makes it easy to see everything that you had entered previously in.

At RewardIt, there are so many ways you can redeem your Reward Dollars! There are products that you can buy, like gift cards, DVDs, iPads, and Virtual Items! You’re eligible to receive these items because you earn free rewards on RewardIt! How will you spend your Reward Dollars?