Earn and Save: Getting Rewarded for Using Coupons

Are you on a budget or like saving money? RewardIt has coupons that you can print and use towards your favorite name-brand products right from your home. RewardIt also gives you 10 Reward Dollars per coupon redemption. You’re also able to print 20 coupons a day. To see what kind of coupons we have to offer head over to the “Earn” tab and click on the “Coupons” tab on our website. To see the coupons that are available in your area, enter your ZIP code to reveal the coupons that you’re eligible to use. To print coupons, select each coupon you’d like, press “clip” and then press “print coupons” at the top or bottom of the screen. Did you know that you can put coupons to your savings card? Putting coupons onto your savings card is only available at the following stores: Safeways, Vons, Genuardls, Carrs, Randalls, Dominicks, Pavillions and Tom Thumb.

To save you the maximum amount of money, we’ve gathered tips from our previous blog posts on couponing to help you save the most money possible.

1. Find Coupons Online before Shopping-It’s important when couponing that you look for the greatest deal possible that will save you the most money. With that being said, you can save with different types of coupons. There are so many coupons available on websites today, and it can save you time and effort. RewardIt has tons of coupons in our coupon area with coupons for name-brand products you can use! Did you know that there were different types of coupons? Store coupons and Manufacturer coupons can be combined for a better offer. Store coupons come with circulars mostly in the Sunday paper. Manufacturer coupons are coupons that you can find from the brands themselves. Many products now have coupons RewardIt Earnon their websites, which enables you to print them conveniently from your home. Try searching for your products on their websites for manufacturer’s coupons first before traveling to the store to help you save more money.

      2. Stack Your Coupons: ‘Stacking’ your coupons can potentially earn you more money. Don’t know what ‘stacking’ is? Stacking refers to when you combine a coupon with a store coupon or a store sale. Therefore, earning you more savings. There are two ways you can ‘stack’ coupons. One way is to combine your coupon with a sale or promotion. The other way to stack coupons is when you use a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon on one item that you have. To get manufacturer coupons, check circulars or sites like Coupons.com, Save.com (previously known as RedPlum.com), and SmartSource.com. P& G (Proctor and Gamble), are a major brand that always sends out a stack of their coupons from all of their major brands they own. Make sure to look through their stack of coupons as well! Before going to the grocery store or market, check their policy on stacking coupons. Many stores do accept stacking with coupons, but other stores, such as Whole Foods, do not allow stacking at all. By checking in with your grocery store, it will save you time on stacking coupons together if they happen to not accept them.

 3. RewardIt’s Coupon Glossary & Dictionary: If you’re unclear about certain lingo regarding coupons when you go to your grocery store, be sure to look at RewardIt’s Couponing Glossary before your next shopping trip. We have tons of definitions of couponing words and phrases. By being informed, you’ll be able to recognize key words to get you the best possible deal around.

If you want to save money grocery shopping, couponing is the way to go! There are tons of ways that you can save money from coupons like stacking and printing coupons from online websites, whether it’s manufacturer or store coupons. With RewardIt, you can also print up to 20 coupons a day! Remember, you get 10 R$ every time you redeem coupons!