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Action Games on RewardIt

Did you know that there are tons of games that you can play on RewardIt? One of the categories we have is Action Games. Don’t know what Action Games to play? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about them right here.

Bouncing Balls

Bouncing Balls is a fun game to play if you love playing arcade-like games. The object of this game is to make groups of three or more with the same colored ball. After you group them together, you can eliminate them with the same colored ball. However, you have to destroy all of the colored balls before time runs out and the weight falls down on the board! This is also RewardIt Larry’s favorite game!

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Action GamesBricks Breaking

In Bricks Breaking, you’re given tons of different colored bricks on a board. In this particular game, the object of the game is to get rid of the colored blocks that are grouped together with the same color. Be careful though—if you click on blocks to eliminate them and they’re next to another block, you’ll get one of your magic wands taken away. You’re given 5 magic wands that remove a single brink to help you move forward to the next level, and when you run out of magic wands, you won’t be able to clear the level unless you have matching bricks. The game will end if you’ve run out of magic wands and have no other matching colored bricks to eliminate!

Bricks Squasher

In this game, Brick Squasher uses a paddle to bounce the pinball to hit and destroy the bricks. After you’ve destroyed all of the bricks from the level, you’ll move on to the next one! To control the paddle, move your mouse and click the pinball to start the game. This game also has surprises like extra pinball bricks that you can unlock during the game and more You need to eliminate all of the bricks and keep the pinball moving to get up to higher levels in this game!

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Wild Wild Taxi

Wild Wild Taxi is a game reminiscent of those car racing games you played at the arcade when you where younger. This game is fun and simple, yet it’s addicting! To play this game, you have to reach the target distance within the time limit given. To move your taxi, use your left and right arrow keys to steer, press the up and down keys to control the speed, and the spacebar to jump. Reach the flag before time runs out!

Did you know that when you play these great games, you’re rewarded for them too? At RewardIt, we reward you for playing your favorite games on the internet! You can earn up to 5 R$ for every 5 games that you play. Cash in your R$ at the RewardIt store and grab amazing prizes from gift cards to iPads!

Word Games at RewardIt

Word Games

Do you love playing word scramble games? RewardIt has three cool games called Word Out, Word Scramble 2, and Word Search 2. These games are fun to play if you love playing games like Scrabble! Read on to find out how to play these games and earn R$!

Word Out

In Word Out, the object of the game is to form words with the blocks that descend from the top of the screen. To eliminate blocks, you need to form words horizontally or vertically. You can move the letter blocks by using your arrow keys on your keyboard. You’re also able to move the speed of the blocks by pressing the down arrow key. If you hold down the arrow key, the letter block with speed faster down the bottom of the screen. Word GamesThe key to winning this game is to make as many words as you can. RewardIt Tip: Using the bombs and fire blocks will help eliminate some blocks for you, keep an eye out for them!

Word Scramble 2

In this game, the object of the game is to form as many words as possible with the letters provided. Similar to Scrabble, Word Scramble 2 is just as enjoyable! In Word Scramble 2, you’re able to use 3 letters to form a word. To form a word you want, you can use your mouse to click on the letters or you can type them and press “enter” on your keyboard. To make it even more fun, there’s a timer at the bottom of the screen timing you as you guess the words. Once you guess a right word, it will appear below the letters that you’re given. If you guess all of the right words before time runs out, you win! RewardIt Tip: If you can guess multiple words quickly, time will be added to your timer!

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Word Search 2

Do you love word searches? Then play Word Search 2 at RewardIt! In Word Search 2, you’re given a list of words you have to find within the grid. To make this game more challenging, the words may run horizontally, vertically or diagonally from any direction. To highlight a word, drag the letters with your mouse. RewardIt Tip: Once you find the word, make sure you highlight in the direction that it’s spelled. If you don’t highlight it in the right direction, it won’t count! Also if you make a mistake or ask for a hint, you’ll get points deducted from your score!

Did you know that you’ll be rewarded for every 5 games that you play at RewardIt? For every 5 games that you play, you’ll have the opportunity to get up to 5 R$. You can redeem your R$ for Kindles, DVDs, and many more great items! Start playing RewardIt games today and start earning R$!

Increase Your Chance to Win with Social Media


There are so many opportunities for you to win on RewardIt. We have offers, surveys, and sweepstakes you can enter to win! Want to win more rewards and enter sweepstakes? Like RewardIt on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and add us to your circle on Google+! By liking and following us, you’ll receive 2 R$ for a Facebook Like and Twitter Follow! That’s 4 R$ just for using social media with RewardIt! You’ll be rewarded for staying connected with us!

At RewardIt, you’re even able to choose when you want to share with your friends on your social media sites. Under the “My Sutff” tab, click “My Account”, then the “Social Settings” tab on the left. There, we’ve created two tabs for your Twitter and your Facebook accounts. There are tons of Socializeoptions that you could choose from what you want to share with your friends. To share your achievements with your friends, simply check off the topic that you want shared on your page. For example, if you wanted RewardIt to post to your Facebook every time you entered the Daily $100 Sweepstakes, check off the box that says, “Enter Daily $100 Sweepstakes” and click “Save.” After you save it, every time you enter the sweepstakes, it will show up on your Facebook profile! We make it easy for you to share with all of your friends what you’re doing on RewardIt!

Did you know that you could increase your chances of winning sweepstakes and giveaways on our Social Media sites? We also do special giveaways just for our fans on Facebook and Twitter! We always tweet or post on what our newest sweepstakes or giveaway is. Be the first to know when we post a new sweepstakes. Interact with us on social media and you’ll be given more sweepstakes and the chance to earn sweepstakes opportunities!

Sports Games at RewardIt

Sports Games

Do you like playing sports games? At RewardIt, we have online sports games that are just waiting to be played. Right now, we have 3 awesome sports games: Darts, Disc Shooting, and Pool Practice. Read on to find out how to play these sports games and earn R$ for amazing prizes!


The game of Darts working almost exactly the same as it does in reality. The goal in the game of darts is to reduce points back to zero. The last dart that you have in the game must hit the double ring or the bullseye to win. Confused what the double ring is? The double ring on the Darts board is the outer-most circle colored in green and red. The triple ring on the Dart board is the next inner-most circle that’s also colored green and red. RewardIt Tip: The bullring is worth 25 points, so make sure that you’re careful when throwing your last dart!

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Disc Shooting

Disc Shooting is a simple yet addicting game that you need to try. The object of the game is simple: click as many discs as you can to eliminate them Sports Gamesand proceed to the next level. As you get to higher levels, the discs fly faster to the opposite side of the screen, making it more difficult as you proceed. To win each level, you need to get passed the passing rate that you’re given at the beginning of the round. If you fail to reach the passing rate, you lose the game! RewardIt Tip: Get as many combos as you can to get more points to move on to the next level!

Pool Practice

Do you love to play Pool? You’re going to love RewardIt’s Pool Practice game. To play the game, you need to shoot the red pool balls into the 6 pockets on the pool table. To control the Cue stick, use your mouse to control the direction of the stick and the speed of the white ball, using the meter under the ball. RewardIt Tip: To win the game, avoid getting the white ball in one of the pockets. Once you get all of the red balls into the pockets, you’ll win the game!

You can play these great games and more at RewardIt! Spend your R$ on new items, like gift cards to Kindle’s! See what else we have to offer at RewardIt. Earn up to 5 R$ every time you play 5 games. Get rewarded for the online games you play!

Earn While You Shop at RewardIt!

RewardIt Shopping

Did you know that you could earn R$’s while you shop? With RewardIt, you can earn tons of R$’s just for shopping at your favorite stores! To begin, start by going to the “Earn” tab then click “RewardIt Shopping.” At the top of the page, we have the following categories: Shop, Daily Deal, Coupons, Free Shipping, and Promotions. Here you can find all the latest deals, promotions, and coupons for all of your favorite stores! Shouldn’t you get rewarded for shopping? Click the “Shop” tab to start earning R$’s. Can’t find your favorite retailer? Type the store that you’re looking for in the search box. You’re also able to view all the retailers, including new retailers we have available. To view all of the retailers plus the new ones we offer, click the “All Retailers” section and the “New Retailers” section at the top right side of the RewardIt Shopping Mall page.

The “Shop” tab has tons of categories that you can choose from: Apparel, Books & Magazines, Babies & Maternity, Computers, Department Stores,
RewardIt ShoppingDVD, Video & Music, Education, Food & Wine, Gift Cards, Health & Beauty, Home & Kitchen, and many more. In the shop section, click a category that you want to shop in. However, to successfully earn the R$’s, you need to shop through the RewardIt Store. For example, if you click the “DVD, Video, & Music” section, you’ll be able to see the Deals, Products, and Retailers for that section. In the Deals section, you’re able to find the deal, the expiration date, and how many R$’s you’re eligible to receive. In the Products section, you’re able to browse through products that the category has to offer. The Retailers section is the last section that you’ll find in a category. In this section, you’ll be able to view the retailers that are available and the R$’s you can earn. When you click on a retailer, you’re brought to another page that shows the retailer, restrictions, and featured deals that they have going on currently. Some retailers also have featured products and special offers that you can view for the sales that are going on at the retailer.

If you’re looking for the greatest deals around, the Daily Deal from the RewardIt Shopping Mall has tons of offers for you! To search for the Daily
Deals available, click on a category. After you’ve chosen a category, the following page will present the offers available to you. The Featured Deals section is where the featured deals of the category are listed. There are always tons of Daily Deals for you to choose from!

The Coupons tab is a cool tab to take a look at if you want to use coupons while shopping online in addition to other deals you can receive. The Coupons section is categorized by retailer, offer, rewards rate, expiration date, and share. The Retailer category is where all of the various stores are listed that you can choose from. The Offers section is where you can look at the description of the offer the retailer is holding. Rewards Rate is another category where you can see how many R$’s you’ll be getting when you use that particular offer. The expiration date is where you can see how much time you have left before the offer expires. The last section is the share section. In the share section, you can share the deals or coupons you’ve received at the RewardIt Shopping Mall through your Facebook or Twitter accounts. By sharing with all of your friends, you’re able to show your friends the amazing savings you’re getting!

Not only does the RewardIt Shopping Mall have Offers and Daily Deals, we also have Free Shipping Offers! Like the Coupons tab, the Free Shipping tab has the same setup with sections like the retailer, offer, rewards rate, expiration date and share sections. In the Free Shipping section, you’re able to see each offer, when it expires, and spread the savings with your friends on your Facebook or Twitter account! Even with free shipping offers, you can still earn rewards.

The final section is the Promotion section. Here, you can browse through products in the following categories: Birthday Gifts, Home Improvement Center, Small Business Essentials, and Wedding Planner. You can also earn rewards while you buy the products that you need! There are sub-categories within the categories mentioned. In the Birthday Gifts section, we have categories for every type of person in your life; including if you have a budget for the present you were looking to buy. In the Birthday section, we have: Gifts under $25, Tech Guru, Fashionista, Person on the Go, Fitness Fanatic, and Sports Enthusiast. There are so many products to choose from that you’ll be able to choose a present for your friend, family, or spouse in record time!  In the Home Improvement Center category, we have the perfect categories to help refurbish your home and create your dream home. We have: Top Retailers section, Interior Redesign, Furniture, and Outdoor Décor & Maintenance. These Home Improvement categories can transform your home into your dream home, while still earning rewards! Are you a small business owner? We have a section for you too in our Promotion section! In our Small Business section, we have: Office Equipment, Office Supplies & Essentials, Cyberize Your Business, and Break Room. Here, you can gather all of the necessities you need to make your small business a success! The final category is the Wedding Planner section. Are you getting married in the near future? Do you need help finding products to make your big day a hit? We have four categories to help you on your special day: Registry, Dresses, Tuxedos, and Party Favors & Centerpieces. Create the wedding of your dreams with our wedding planner section! Whatever section you decide on, you’ll still be able to earn rewards for the products that you buy.

The RewardIt Shopping Mall is a great way to earn R$’s. If there’s a product you want or have to purchase, why not get rewarded for it? You can still shop your favorite stores! There are tons of categories and retailers to choose from. Shop the Daily Deal, Coupons, or Promotions page for ideal savings! There’s something for everyone when you shop with RewardIt at the RewardIt Shopping Mall!



Puzzle Games at RewardIt

Puzzle Games

In addition to Card games and Action games, there are also Puzzle games at RewardIt for you to play! There are tons of Puzzle games at RewardIt. Right now, we currently have: Filthy Rich Slots, Gems Twist, Mahjongg, Mahjongg II, Montris, RewardIt Keno, and Sudoku. Read on to find out more about these fun games! Did we mention that you can get rewarded with up to 5R$ just for playing games!? Use your R$ for great prizes!

Filthy Rich Slots

Do you love playing slot machine games in casinos and online? Then Filthy Rich Slots is for you! In Filthy Rich Slots, there’s the option to use 1-5 ways you can play lottery lines. In the top right corner, there’s a button called ‘pay-table.’ Pay-table has each symbol and which amount its worth. Also, the wild symbol (which is the RewardIt Dollar symbol) is shown with the amount its worth. The ‘lines’ box on the pay-table shows you all of the lines that are possible for Filthy Rich Slots. To begin playing, click ‘lines’ to determine how many lines you want to play. Next, ‘bet’ how much money you want to spend with every spin. Click ‘spin’ and then you can see if you won with the lottery lines you put down! RewardIt Tip: The trick is to win as much cash as you can! To cash out your winnings, press the ‘cash out’ button, and you’ll submit your score. Soon, you’ll be able to play tournaments with other RewardIt users!

Gems Twist

Gems Twist is a fun to play if you love to play games like ever-popular game, Candy Crush! In Gems Twist, the object of the game is to eliminate the gems by lining up 3 identical gems horizontally or vertically in a row. To move the gems, click the gems you want to change. The gems will rotate in a circle, and click the gem you want to add to create a line of identical gems. RewardIt Tip: To win the game, eliminate all the gems you can before time runs out!Puzzle Games

Mahjongg & Mahjongg II

Mahjongg is an ancient game that’s enjoyed by many. Now you can enjoy it too! Mahjongg is an easy and simple game to play! After you click play, you’re brought to a screen where you can select a classic or simple set of Mahjongg tiles. To begin playing, pair the tiles up and click to remove the tiles. Mahjongg is fairly simple; however, you can only remove the top piece on the pile of tiles which is not blocked from the right or the left sides. RewardIt Tip: To win this game, make sure you clear all of the tiles!

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Montris is reminiscent of the fan-favorite game Tetris. In Montris, the object of the game is to use the blocks to form a straight row. To control the blocks, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Also use the X key to rotate clockwise, and press the Z key to rotate counter clockwise. To drop blocks down, press the down arrow key. Each level has a specific amount of rows needed in order to proceed on to other levels. RewardIt Tip: the more rows that you create, the faster you’ll be able to proceed to other levels!

RewardIt Keno

RewardIt Keno is a game that was specifically designed for RewardIt! Keno is an old lotto-style game that’s easy and simple to learn. In Keno, there’s a Keno card with numbers from 1 to 80. To start playing, click the amount that you want to bet. In RewardIt’s Keno game, you can bet from $1-$5. On the Keno card, click either 3 or 10 numbers that you think will win. Click on the button that says “Go” to play a round of Keno. To play multiple rounds, click “Play 5” or “Play 10” to play multiple rounds of Keno with the same numbers that you’ve chosen previously. RewardIt Tip: this game is based on probability, so guess your favorite numbers and see if you win!


If you love games with numbers, then you’ll love Sudoku! In Sudoku you’re given a grid that’s divided into nine squares. The object of the game is to fill in the blank squares with numbers one to nine and numbers cannot be repeated in each row, column, and square. Some squares are already filled with numbers, while others are blank. You can choose what number you’d like to put in the square by choosing a number on the left side of the screen. RewardIt Tip: even though you might be able to get a ‘hint’ in this game, the hints add 50 seconds to your time!

Looking for a challenge? Then these puzzle games are for you! Since you already play games online, why not get rewarded for them? RewardIt will reward you for playing your favorite games. Don’t forget you can earn up to 5 R$ for every 5 games that you play. You can win amazing prizes for playing games online! Check out the RewardIt Store to cash in your R$!

Do You Look At Totally Free Offers?

totally free

Did you know at RewardIt there are totally free offers that you could enter? No obligation, no gimmicks, just FREE! We know you love the word free as much as we do. By entering these Totally Free Offers, you’ll be eligible to receive free offers and coupons. You’ll also get rewarded for looking at all of the Totally Free Offers. You can get rewarded up to 5 R$ when you look at Totally Free Offers. You’re even able to “skip” offers that aren’t applicable to you.

After you click through the available offers, you’re taken to the Totally Free Offers Homepage where there are tons of other offers you can fill out for
totally freeR$! The great thing about Totally Free Offers is that you can fill out as many offers as you wish and get rewarded for it! Come back to the site daily to see new offers that you can enter for free! You’re even able to share the amount of Reward Dollars you get when you finish viewing our Totally Free Offers. Tweet from your Twitter account or Share from your Facebook page to inform your friends of the Reward$ you just received!  After you’ve filled out all of your totally free rewards, browse through our other offers where you can receive more rewards from.

If you love free things, completing a Totally Free Offer is your golden ticket to freebie heaven. Totally Free Offers are always what they describe—totally free! You can fill out as many offers as you want, plus get rewarded for it! Remember, you can earn up to 5 R$ when completing and browsing through Totally Free Offers! Let your friends in on the secret of Totally Free Offers by sharing on your Twitter and Facebook!

Redeeming Your R$


So now that you have all these Reward Dollars, you’re ready to redeem them. How do you plan to spend your Reward Dollars? Here we’ll tell you how to get the coolest products, gift cards, and other prizes to redeem at RewardIt! To start, go to the “Redeem” tab then “RewardIt Store.” At the RewardIt Store, you can choose from hundreds of products!

The first category is gift cards. In the gift card section, we have tons of different stores that you can choose from! Love Amazon? Why not redeem your Reward Dollars for a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card? We also have gift cards for different places, like TGI Fridays and Chili’s! Some other places we Redeemhave are: Lowe’s, Sears, CVS, Walmart, and Land’s End. Not only can you choose from so many companies, depending upon your Reward Dollars, you can get gift cards bigger than $5.00! At RewardIt, we have gift cards that you can purchase with your Reward Dollars up to $500!

Another section that we have in this section is the Amazon.com section. In this section, it’s split into three subsections: Electronics & Computers, Music, Movies, & Games, and Toys, Kids, & Baby. The Electronics & Computers section have brand-new products like the iPad, Kindle Fire, MacBook, or an Xbox 360! This is a great section if you love new technology and gadgets. In the Music, Movies & Games sub-section, we have various DVDs from popular hit TV shows like Game of Thrones and Glee. This section is for you if you’re a movie buff or an avid TV Show watcher. The final sub-section in this section is the Toys, Kids & Baby section. In this sub-section, we have some fun items for child to play with, like finger-paints or modeling clay. This final section is great if you’re a parent looking for some new activities for your kids!

RewardIt Direct is the third section that we have where you can choose from tons of stickers for you, a friend, or your kids! There are so many different kinds of stickers, from Disney Princesses, Marvel’s Avengers, Thomas the Train and Favorite Animals just to name a few. These stickers are fun to use and each sticker is 2.5” x 2.5” in size.

The Virtual Items section has two items: the Golden Goose and the RewardIt Money Tree. After the Golden Goose or the RewardIt Money Tree is purchased, they’re stored under “My Items” under the “My Stuff” tab. The Golden Goose’s eggs and the Money Tree Leaves need to be harvested every 12 hours in order for you to earn Reward Dollars! These Virtual Items are a fun way to earn more Reward Dollars to help you redeem items in our RewardIt Store.

The last and final section of the RewardIt Store is Virtual Tattoos. These virtual tattoos can be shared among your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to show them the cool tattoos that you purchased from the RewardIt Store! We have so many categories to choose from, there’s something here for everyone! The categories for the web tattoos are: Animals, Fantasy, Flowers, Fashion, href="http://www.rewardit.com/store/tattoos/cid/1011">Games of Chance, Hearts, Insects, href="http://www.rewardit.com/store/tattoos/cid/1014">Man’s Ruin, Moon, Skulls, Symbols, and Zodiac. With these virtual tattoos, you’re able to express yourself! You can even put it on your social media profile if you want!

Redeeming your Reward Dollars from the RewardIt Store isn’t the only way you can redeem rewards. RewardIt also holds raffles that you can enter using your Reward Dollars! In the “Prize Raffles” section, you’re able to view the raffles that RewardIt’s currently holding, which right now are gift cards to various stores. The more entries that you have in the raffle, the more likely you’ll win! The “Reward$ Raffles” section is another section where you can enter to win raffles that contain great prizes! The “Raffle Status” section has your history of raffles that you’ve entered in. In the Raffle History Box, there are certain categories like the Entry Date, Description, Entries, Status, and Entry Cost. You can view your raffle history by month, and the Raffle History Box makes it easy to see everything that you had entered previously in.

At RewardIt, there are so many ways you can redeem your Reward Dollars! There are products that you can buy, like gift cards, DVDs, iPads, and Virtual Items! You’re eligible to receive these items because you earn free rewards on RewardIt! How will you spend your Reward Dollars?


I Need Help RewardIt!

help desk

Is there a question you have about RewardIt? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Head over to the RewardIt Answer Center for all of your questions and concerns. At RewardIt Answer Center, you can find answers to commonly asked questions, orders, shipping, and rewards. The RewardIt Answer Center is separated by topic, which makes it easy to navigate the website.

To navigate the site, start by clicking on the commonly asked question that you’re looking for under a topic. By clicking that link, you’ll be taken to another page we’ve given you an answer for the question that you’ve clicked on. Have a question about Experience Points (XP)? Click the Experience
help deskPoints Section. Concerned about what sweepstakes entail? There’s a section for that too. There are so many sections to help you answer your question! Here are the current categories we have: Badges, Search Reward$, Raffles, Experience Points (XP), General Questions, Sweepstakes, and Referral Reward$.

Have a unique question that you can’t find anywhere else? Login or sign up for the Answer Center to be able to submit a question. Submit a Request from the Submit A Request form and we’ll answer as soon as possible. You can also sign in using your twitter account to submit a question as well! You can also check the status of your request here at Check Your Existing Requests. The RewardIt Answer Center also enables you to rate the answers to questions asked if you find them useful to you! If you still can’t find the question you’re looking for, send us an email at: support@rewardit.zendesk.com or tweet at RewardIt Larry (@RewardingYou)! We’ll answer your query as fast as we can.

Earn and Save: Getting Rewarded for Using Coupons

Are you on a budget or like saving money? RewardIt has coupons that you can print and use towards your favorite name-brand products right from your home. RewardIt also gives you 10 Reward Dollars per coupon redemption. You’re also able to print 20 coupons a day. To see what kind of coupons we have to offer head over to the “Earn” tab and click on the “Coupons” tab on our website. To see the coupons that are available in your area, enter your ZIP code to reveal the coupons that you’re eligible to use. To print coupons, select each coupon you’d like, press “clip” and then press “print coupons” at the top or bottom of the screen. Did you know that you can put coupons to your savings card? Putting coupons onto your savings card is only available at the following stores: Safeways, Vons, Genuardls, Carrs, Randalls, Dominicks, Pavillions and Tom Thumb.

To save you the maximum amount of money, we’ve gathered tips from our previous blog posts on couponing to help you save the most money possible.

1. Find Coupons Online before Shopping-It’s important when couponing that you look for the greatest deal possible that will save you the most money. With that being said, you can save with different types of coupons. There are so many coupons available on websites today, and it can save you time and effort. RewardIt has tons of coupons in our coupon area with coupons for name-brand products you can use! Did you know that there were different types of coupons? Store coupons and Manufacturer coupons can be combined for a better offer. Store coupons come with circulars mostly in the Sunday paper. Manufacturer coupons are coupons that you can find from the brands themselves. Many products now have coupons RewardIt Earnon their websites, which enables you to print them conveniently from your home. Try searching for your products on their websites for manufacturer’s coupons first before traveling to the store to help you save more money.

      2. Stack Your Coupons: ‘Stacking’ your coupons can potentially earn you more money. Don’t know what ‘stacking’ is? Stacking refers to when you combine a coupon with a store coupon or a store sale. Therefore, earning you more savings. There are two ways you can ‘stack’ coupons. One way is to combine your coupon with a sale or promotion. The other way to stack coupons is when you use a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon on one item that you have. To get manufacturer coupons, check circulars or sites like Coupons.com, Save.com (previously known as RedPlum.com), and SmartSource.com. P& G (Proctor and Gamble), are a major brand that always sends out a stack of their coupons from all of their major brands they own. Make sure to look through their stack of coupons as well! Before going to the grocery store or market, check their policy on stacking coupons. Many stores do accept stacking with coupons, but other stores, such as Whole Foods, do not allow stacking at all. By checking in with your grocery store, it will save you time on stacking coupons together if they happen to not accept them.

 3. RewardIt’s Coupon Glossary & Dictionary: If you’re unclear about certain lingo regarding coupons when you go to your grocery store, be sure to look at RewardIt’s Couponing Glossary before your next shopping trip. We have tons of definitions of couponing words and phrases. By being informed, you’ll be able to recognize key words to get you the best possible deal around.

If you want to save money grocery shopping, couponing is the way to go! There are tons of ways that you can save money from coupons like stacking and printing coupons from online websites, whether it’s manufacturer or store coupons. With RewardIt, you can also print up to 20 coupons a day! Remember, you get 10 R$ every time you redeem coupons!